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Explore Karumba, Queensland: Accommodation Options Near Sunset Tavern

Explore Karumba, Queensland: Accommodation Options Near Sunset Tavern
on 01 August 2023 in General News

Are you planning a visit to the stunning coastal town of Karumba, Queensland? Perhaps you’ve heard about the Sunset Tavern, a popular spot for enjoying the sunset, great food, and a lively atmosphere.

However, you may be wondering where to stay since the tavern itself doesn’t offer accommodation. Fret not, as we’ve compiled a list of excellent accommodation providers in Karumba to make your stay memorable. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable motel or a caravan park, Karumba has something for everyone.

  1. Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park
  2. Karumba Lodge Motel
    • Address: 6 Walker St, Karumba QLD 4891
    • Phone: (07) 4745 9388
  3. End of the Road Motel
  4. Karumba Point Tourist Park
  5. Ash’s Holiday Units

With these fantastic accommodation options, your visit to Karumba and the Sunset Tavern is sure to be a memorable one. Enjoy your stay!

Please note that availability and rates may vary, so it’s a good idea to contact the accommodation providers directly or visit their websites for more information and reservations.